Made in clay, inspired by Nature

Kaye Bustin works with the elements of Nature – clay from the Earth, water to work it, air to dry it, and fire to harden it in her kiln. But Nature also powerfully enters her artwork in design – she loves what she finds in the New Zealand environment to bring beauty and texture to the surface of her ceramic art.

Her jewellery, cufflinks, bowls and decorative items for the home are graced with imprinted impressions of kina and scallop shells, pinecones, and the seedpods of native kowhai, pohutukawa and manuka.

A teacher of art for nearly two decades, Kaye offers workshops, team-building sessions and personal tuition for adults in various mediums, and art courses and parties for children at her Kapiti Coast studio. She is also available as an Artist in Residence at schools.